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The New Guild Workshop was established in 2007, integrating several shops, design personnel and craftsman into an enterprise capable of meeting the requirements of an ever changing design and construction marketplace. As a full service millwork facility in Tucson Arizona, NGW is skilled in residential, commercial and historic restoration construction as well as period and avant-garde furniture and interiors.

The New Guild Workshop skill set is based on decades of practical general contracting, movie set construction, architectural design and project management, national register historic restoration projects, museum class framing, and world class reproduction work.

These diverse skills are the tools used in designing projects and products for architects, contractors, home owners and commercial clients. We design to budgets, using value added engineering analysis balanced against client needs without compromising quality, building projects as well as relationships with our clients that last.

Dedicated to strong quality control, computer aided design and fabrication standards and continuing education in materials, practices and technologies, the NGW is perfectly placed to consult, manage or fabricate your next project.

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